Champaign-Urbana's Annual Alternative Formal
Gothic Prom V: The Brass Ball & Crowning Ceremony (Ashes to Ashes Rust to Rust)
Invitation RSVP Directions
Dress in your fanciest attire. Bring a date if you so desire.
Official Handbill (Obverse View)

Official Handbill (Reverse View)


Design By Daniel Proulx

Downstate Illinois' annual goth prom takes on a steampunk theme Monday, May 7.

Chicago music celebrities Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith make their return appearance as The Pirate Twins spinning lovelorn melodies all evening long and our Master of Ceremonies, Gregory Kveberg, will be hosting the festivities including crowning of the duke and duchess.

Door Policy
Ages 19 and Older
$5.00 Cover Charge
Valid ID Required

All singles and couples are welcome regardless of lifestyle, sexuality, or gender.


The duke and duchess are elected by popular vote. All guests are eligible for election with the exception of cast, crew, and staff. Guests must announce their candidacy upon entry. There is no limit to the number of petitioning candidates.

Voting concludes at midnight. Ballots not received by midnight are disqualified.

Welcome and Thank You
Guestbook Retirement Ceremony
Ballot Collection
Ballot Tabulation

Crowning Ceremony
Guestbook Initiation Ceremony

Royal Yearbook Portrait
Group Yearbook Portrait


Guests are encouraged upon entry to sign our official guestbook as a formal register of attendance to our annual promenade.

Retirement Ceremony
The preceding guestbook is ceremonially retired at midnight by the following signatories:

Gregory Kveberg
Scary Lady Sarah
William Faith

Initiation Ceremony
The succeeding guestbook is ceremonially initiated at 12:30 by the following signatories:

Elected Duke & Duchess
Executive Producer
Producer & Production Manager

Cast & Crew

Master of Ceremonies: Gregory Kveberg, Chicago, Illinois

Disc Jockeys: The Pirate Twins, Chicago, Illinois

Executive Producer: Randall Krause

Director: Alexander Klec

Producer: Andrew Cardinal

Co-Producers: Matt Brown, Sica Henderson, Maranda Roberts, David Weber, Joseph Wyatt

Production Manager: Alexander Klec

Associate Producer: Jamie Hines

Bar Owner: Edwin Piraino

Bar Manager: Tom Bermingham

Assistant Bar Manager: Tommy Williams

Bartender: Charles Lynch

Door Attendant: Marissa Rubarts

Photography By: Joseph Hedges, Scott Weber

Graphic Design By: Randall Krause

Decorations By: Sica Henderson, Alexander Klec, Maranda Roberts, Joseph Wyatt

Set Design By: Sica Henderson, Alexander Klec, Josh Miller, Toni Miller, Sarah Hodges, Rebecca Strickland, Joseph Wyatt

Catering By: Sica Henderson, Maranda Roberts, Rachel Sjostrom

Street Team: Andrew Cardinal, Sica Henderson, Alexander Klec, Randall Krause, Maranda Roberts, Benjamin Stone, David Weber, Tommy Williams


Chester Street Dance Club

Chester Street Bar, 63-65 E Chester St, Champaign, Illinois

Chester Street Bar (aka C-Street) is Champaign's oldest and largest dance club, featuring three full-service bars, a state-of-the-art lighting and video system, and a multi-level dancefloor with three stage platforms. As downstate Illinois' premiere gay-friendly nightclub, people of all lifestyles are welcome.


C-U Midnight Assembly

C-U Midnight Assembly (aka CUMA) organizes, promotes, and sponsors various community social functions for goths and rivetheads in the downstate area including concerts, movie nights, fashion shows, and dance parties. As a community led organization, they strive to increase the public's awareness of and appreciation for the gothic-industrial subculture in general as well as to advance the overall interests of the local music scene.

IDG Productions

IDG Productions (aka Industrie du Gothique) is the creative force behind Nekromancy, downstate Illinois' foremost industrial electronic dance night. As a full-service production consulting company, they aim to provide an unparalleled entertainment experience for clubgoers by harnessing the latest in interactive multimedia technologies. IDG Productions has brought many notable acts to Champaign ranging from Funker Vogt to Das Ich to FGFC820.


Coors Light

Miller Lite

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Steampunk jewelry design by Daniel Proulx.