Dearest Noble Guests:

Thou art cordially invited to our fifth annual goth prom, The Brass Ball, to be held at the Chester Street dance hall, in the Old Towne district of Champaign, cometh the seventh day of May.

We are proud to welcome travelling guest musicians Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith as The Pirate Twins to entertain thee in our main ballroom. And the honourable master of ceremonies, Gregory Kveberg, shall crown the annual duke and duchess before our royal court upon the stroke of midnight. The festivities shall be grand indeed. Hurrah!

As this is a grand steampunk themed affair, guests are encouraged to don their suits and gowns of prized distinction. As well, bringest thy suitor for the occasion calls for dancing, drinking, and merriment. If thou canst not attend, then please pass this invitation along to thy respected colleagues for consideration.

Shouldst thou have inquiries, please inscribe thy message into the type key RSVP system above, and pull the lever. It shall be wired to our central office and receive our prompt and formal attention.

Your Loyal Compatriots

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